Wednesday, December 3, 2008

ThRowe Down at the Crow's Nest and Auburn Fuzeball

Look at Trent (AKA Sea Biscuit) dropping dope, Caucasian moves like it's going out of style....and yes, that's me with the "To Catch a Predator", creepy smile in the background:

We had a lot of fun. Sea Biscuit threw out his back like six times. Lucky for him, the girls at the club were giving him plenty of room to recover!!! Ha Ha Ha!!

Auburn Football- where do I start? If you were my girlfriend, I would screen your calls and tell you that you look fat in those jeans...really fat, chunk. If you were my Labrador, I would put peanut butter on the top of your nose just out of reach from your tongue. If you were a morning commuter trying to merge into my lane, I would look down at my radio and act like I was changing stations so as to not make eye contact with you, denying you merging privileges.

Here are some observations from my unedumacated eye on what went wrong in '08:
1) Pre-game video blew: We might as well run out to Hannah Montana. What the crap was that Auburn Athletic Department? This would be an upgrade to our pre-game intro next year:

2) Not enough tats on our o-lineman. I need an offensive lineman with a lot of tats (see Lee Ziemba). Where are the ink jobs Auburn Tigers? RIP Pookie Bear, Hot 2 Trott 2 Quick 4 U. Slippery When Wet. South Side Riders. Anything?! Just give me some gnarly tats on the big uglies!

If this guy's liver can take it, maybe we can get him to roll with the Tigas in '09!

3) The name Kodi does not strike fear in anyone- everyone I know named Kodi has a trustfund and makes fun of me for taking first dates to The Sizzler, an upscale resteraunt here in Nashville. Give me a Dameyune, Jason, or Patrick anyday of the week. These are names of champions!

4) Satan, The Prince of Darkness, is an Alabama booster. Everytime Alabama wins a game, Satan tortues a kitty. After Alabama's Iron Bowl win, Beelzebub pushed an orphan down a flight of stairs and had a celebratory beverage with Saddam Hussein. We can't win against such inhumanity. Auburn only represents Popcorn, unicorns, and bubblegum- not the downfall of all mankind.

Got to run Roweoholics. Catch ya later!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Bro Rowe is a graduate'O!

Hey Rowe'oholics! I'll be going back over the next few weeks and catching everyone up on what has been going on in Johnny boy's life in '08, so why not start with my very own Music City Miracle. Drum roll please.....8-ball finally graduated!!! Ha Ha Ha!! Mom and dad said it would never happen, but 6 short years later Franklin finally got a 1.999999999999 GPA at East Tennessee State, and luckily for da parents ETS got sick of cashin' mom and dad's checks and decided to round that bad boy up to a 2.0! Here's a picture of the proud graduate before his late summer miracle:

Notice the complete look of apathy in his eyes!

Now, if we could just find him a date, maybe mom and dad would get off his back!!! Unfortunately, myspace stalking doesn't pay as well as it used to and 8-ball is still unemployed. NOTICE: If you are in need of an IT professional, baby sitter, human piƱatas at your 8 year old's birthday party, school mascot, ANYTHING, my bro is desperate for your bling! I love to kick a man when he's down. :->

Anywho, a lot of you owe me some money! My bro is a certified professional (at least according to ETS;->). Congrats bra!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

My first blog..

Well, Its about time to finally enter the world of blogging. I have a few friends who do it and they appear addicted to it. Hopefully thats not the case with me. I can't let this get in the way of Wii Tennis and episodes of the "office". For my first post, I wanted to blog about my recent trip to China for a mission trip with some people from Lipscomb and Auburn.
I hope you will enjoy my new blog. I am tired of always looking at other's blogs so hopefully I will be able to do this right.

Obviously, this is the Great Wall. It took us a

LONG time to walk the whole thing!

This looks like a shrine but it is actually the

entrance to a great restaurant that served a

great entree' that I believed was some sort of


This picture was taken at the "Tea Room"

It was awesome! I would compare it to a Chinese Bar but with

no pool table and hot tea instead of martini's.